Kiwi tactics for Aussie anglers by Chris Firkin

I'm not writing this article to tell you Aussies how to suck eggs. It's to help you appreciate and learn a few different techniques that provide results for us Kiwis, for when the fishing is a bit tough and a different approach may be required. Being fortunate to fish in both NZ and Australia, there are some distinct differences when comparing the countries.
Obviously, the diversity of fish species around Australia is massive compared to New Zealand. Mind you, compare the size of both countries and there's a good reason the diversity is a tad better. There's no denying the quality of the trout fishing in NZ, and more importantly, one of the main draw cards for anglers travelling over to our 'land of the long white cloud' - XOS kingfish and big snapper that abound in good numbers.
Then there are the big swords caught these days, more commonly during the day than on the original hardcore night excursions. The striped marlin fishing at the right times of the year (late December through to May) is world-class for size, as is the blue marlin bite in February off Waihau Bay. The average size is between 220-260kg, with the chance of a 400kg+ beast to lead you astray or teach you a few lessons in respect!
The pacific bluefin tuna fishery off the West Coast of the South Island in August is pretty out there to say the least. Catching huge 220kg+ pacific bluefin with snow-capped mountains around you is truly special, but our estuary fishing is average compared to what Aussies have on their doorstep.
There are no whiting, mulloway, flathead, bream or tailor in NZ. The squid fishing doesn't come close to what I've personally experienced in Victoria and NSW. In saying this, where there's good squid fishing, the size on average is good, but for numbers it doesn't compare to your fishery in Australia.
When it comes to tactics and methods, trout fishing is a good starting point - what do we do differently in New Zealand when it comes to trout?
For those of you who enjoy taking your boat or kayak lake fishing, jigging for trout is something we do differently...