A guide to the river ghost by Scott Whitfield

The warmer months are a great time to hit the estuaries in search of NSW's ghost of the estuary, but many struggle crack a pattern on these impressive silver slabs. It doesn't have to be complicated, and often, if you can just break down a certain waterway, it can be very simple to find a decent school of mulloway.
To begin your search, always look for structure. Mulloway always need a reason to be there, and structure is often that reason.
Structure is always important for finding mulloway, particularly in rivers. I tend to look for depths of 15ft down to 30ft with a rock structure. On the edge of that where it meets the sand is always a hotspot, particularly with rock walls.
But my fishing isn't always centred around structure I can see out of the water though. Other areas where a creek mouth might drain out into a big hole in the river is also worth a look. When you're fishing vibration lures for the mulloway, it's almost like a vertical hop, and you're trying to use your electric and sounder to judge the edge of the drop-off. Because of this, you want a good reliable sounder that's going to help you fine the structure and bait exactly, and the actual school of fish as well.