Playing it cool with impoundment bass by Bob Thornton

South East Queenslanders truly are blessed during winter. We've got options for both land-based and boat-based anglers, the weather is usually quite pleasant, and you can often get away with later starts than usual.
If you've never tried fishing one of our many stocked impoundments during winter, now's a great time to get yourself set up. Impoundment bass will bite well all through winter, and although this can sometimes demand some unorthodox tactics, there's no better time to go after some of the bigger bass our dams are famous for!
Like many fish, a bass's metabolism will slow down during the cooler months, and in certain dams they will also get the urge to breed. It sounds like a bad time to be fishing, but the reality is that winter brings conditions that see bass congregating in regular areas, making them very easy to find. Bear in mind that while they're eating less, they do still have to eat. These fish will usually only eat if it's easy for them though. In other words, they don't want to expend huge amounts of energy chasing down a meal.
The answer is simple: go slow. If you can locate fish on the sounder or find a shallower area where they're known to be, a slow presentation put right in front of their noses should get a response.
There are a few factors to consider when chasing winter bass, and adding to this challenge is the fact that all impoundments are different. With that said, there are loose rules that bass anglers use to find success in winter. I say loose because bass are a fish that will never cease to surprise even the most seasoned anglers, however having a grasp of the basics will see you one step closer to sussing the bass in your local pond. Let's take a look at some different impoundment types!